DC-14GHz Cascadable Broadband InGaP MMIC Amplifier

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Akoustis’ AKA-2300MT cascadable broadband InGaP HBT MMIC amplifier is a low-cost high-performance solution for your general-purpose RF and microwave amplification needs. This 50-ohm gain block is based upon a mature and reliable HBT (Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor) process and utilizes proprietary MMIC design techniques, providing best in class performance for small-signal applications.

Key Features

  • Reliable Low-Cost InGaP HBT Design
  • Extremely Broadband (optimized for low parasitic reactance)
  • Excellent Gain Flatness and High P1dB
  • Single Power Supply Operation
  • 50 ohm Input/Output Matched
  • Ceramic Micro X Package, matte tin plating

Typical Applications

  • Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM)
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Wireless Infrastructure including PtP
  • Satcom
  • Test & Measurement
Frequency (GHz)DC to 14
P1dB (dBm)12.3
Gain (dB)13.3
Output IP3 (dBm)27
Noise Figure (dB)5
Voltage (V)3.8
Current (mA)50
Package StylePlastic Micro-X Matte Sn
NoteTypicals at 2GHz