by Akoustis|July 1, 2020

Akoustis Goes Live

Akoustis is excited to announce that following six years of research and development, we have now completed the transition into a commercial company as we continue to launch our BAW filter product line along with a sleek, newly redesigned website.

Backed by a strong belief in the value of technical leadership, patented proprietary technology, and a clear vision for the future of the 5G and WiFi 6E landscape, we’re confident that our RF bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filters and associated technologies will play a significant role in replacing and upgrading incumbent filter technology deployed today to enable new frequency bands for next generation high speed communications.

Addressing a growing need

The impetus behind the launch of Akoustis was simple: to better serve the fast growing multi-billion-dollar market of device OEMs, network providers and consumers with improved performance over current RF filter technologies for new and rapidly growing wireless markets.

We set out to build a better filter technology from the ground up—one that would overcome the limitations of incumbent technology while operating at higher frequencies, with wider bandwidth and higher power operation.

Pioneering next-generation materials

At the core of our success lies the conceptualization, development, and manufacturing capabilities of patented XBAWTM technology and our high-purity piezoelectric materials.

Our next-gen materials allow for single-crystal bulk acoustic wave (BAW) high-band RF filters which utilize our advanced resonator-filter process technology to drive higher electro- mechanical coupling wider bandwidth RF filter solutions.

Superior performance

As the emerging 5G and WiFi 6E frequency spectrum permeates into the 3 to 7 GHz frequency bands and the need for signal coexistence expands, higher performance filters will be needed to handle the massive increase in data transmission.

XBAW RF filters offer superior performance by facilitating signal acquisition and accelerating band performance between the antenna and digital back end. These improvements are accomplished through:

  • Significant advancements in the use of high performance piezoelectric materials
  • A resonator-filter process technology which drives high electro-mechanical coupling to deliver wider bandwidth RF filters

The XBAW line

Akoustis introduced the industry’s first commercial 5.2 GHz BAW RF filter for tri-band WiFi router applications in March of 2018 and subsequently added a 5.6 GHz RF filter solution.

We entered the commercial phase by delivering our first 3.8 GHz IF BAW filter to provide a high frequency solution targeting the defense industry for radar applications.

Facilities and assets

Headquartered in the technology corridor between Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina, Akoustis, Inc. owns its patented high purity piezoelectric material and XBAW technology along with a 120,000 sq. ft., ISO-9001 certified commercial wafer-manufacturing facility located in Canandaigua, NY.

The facility includes a class 100 / class 1000 cleanroom tooled for 150-mm diameter silicon wafers, capable of designing, developing, fabricating, and packaging RF filters, MEMS and other semiconductor devices.

Get in touch

Akoustis is a high-tech BAW RF filter solutions company revolutionizing the future of wireless communications and connectivity. The company has already secured contracts and shipping products into the WiFi and infrastructure market, and is positioned to be a global leader supplying BAW RF filters for the rapidly growing 5G mobile and infrastructure, and WiFi markets.

If you have any questions, please fill out the form on our contact page and we’ll be happy to help.