by Akoustis|July 3, 2023

Inside the Akoustis Booth at IMS 2023: A Resounding Success

Akoustis made a remarkable impact at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2023, with a strong presence that drew a surge of booth visitors and welcomed representatives from various market segments to witness our demonstrations and commitment to pushing the boundaries of RF filter technology.

Showcasing Exceptional Performance

Akoustis Foundry Solutions (AFS) stole the spotlight at IMS 2023, offering an AI-enabled PDK platform where anyone can customize or design an RF BAW filter in minutes.

Another highlight was the demonstration of our groundbreaking 10.7 GHz XBAW® XP3F technology. The A10110 is a 10.7 GHz BAW filter with 600 MHz 3dB band width filter providing greater than 30 to 40dB rejection in a low cost, ultra-small 1.8 mm x 1.6 mm package.  The A10110 uses our patent pending AIScN Periodically Polarized Piezoelectric (P3F) BAW technology supporting frequencies from 8 GHz to 20 GHz.

Two of our flagship products, the C-V2X filter covering band B47 and the 5.5/6.6 GHz Wi-Fi BAW Diplexer, took center stage at IMS 2023, captivating attendees with their exceptional performance and real-world applications. The A10159 showcased its ability to address the stringent requirements of C-V2X and DSRC with its low insertion loss and ultra steep skirts. Meanwhile, our A20261 Diplexer demonstrates our expertise in integrating passbands U-NII-1 thru 4 and portions of U-NII-5 thru 8 to compete with the latest power requirements of Wi-Fi 6E standards.

Empowering Our Global Sales Force

Akoustis’ annual sales training event at IMS 2023 was truly a global affair, bringing together our distributors and sales representatives from around the world. This highly anticipated event showcased a diverse range of compelling features, including valuable updates on new technologies, inspiring customer success stories, and discussion of insightful market trends in Akoustis’ key focus markets, Wi-Fi and 5G network, IoT and industrial, automotive, and base station and defense.

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