by Akoustis|December 15, 2020

Leading Front-End Module Manufacturer Places Order for Mobile XBAW Filters

Earlier this month, Akoustis gained an exciting new customer, as a major front-end module maker placed an order to develop an XBAW™ coexistence filter for use in RF front-end modules for mobile devices.
Showing signs of growth in the sector, this is the second customer that has contracted Akoustis for the development of XBAW™ filters for 5G mobile applications.

Ramping up production for the 2nd half of 2021

Expecting further 5G network growth and adoption, this new customer plans to deliver completed front-end module solutions to a selection of device OEMs and ODMs during the second half of the coming year. The RF module will target 5G and WiFi coexistence in smartphones and other mobile devices.

As a leading RF front-end module maker with established sales history in the handset market, the customer expects that this will be just the first of multiple orders, as future expansion into their full RF front-end modules and standalone filter modules will require further Akoustis’ XBAW™ filter designs.

The importance of front-end modules

The front-end module is an integral part of any RF system. Located between the digital baseband and the antenna within a wireless system, the front-end module is comprised of power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, switches, baluns, power detectors and RF filters.

Akoustis’ wide range of ultra-wide-frequency, high-performance XBAW filters provide the flexibility and power required to configure front-end modules into various configurations depending on the application and environment.

We’re thrilled to have taken an order for mobile XBAW filters from a leading front-end module manufacturer and we look forward to providing additional makers with RF filters moving forward.

The largest market for Akoustis by volume and revenue

Jeff Shealy, Founder and CEO of Akoustis, noted that this first order from a 5G mobile RF module maker that will target entry into the global 5G mobile device market is especially significant as 5G mobile represents the largest potential market for Akoustis by both volume and revenue. Onboarding this new customer provides a strong strategic complement to previous commercial successes and current orders in the in WiFi and 5G network infrastructure markets.

As Akoustis approaches the release of a qualified wafer-level-package solution, interest in our company’s XBAW™ filters is on the rise.

Poised for growth

In order to scale production to meet future requirements and demand, we remain focused on expanding manufacturing capacity five-fold at our Canandaigua, NY fabrication facility. The project is expected to be complete by mid-2021, giving us the ability to handle increased order volume from all target markets.

Interest in Akoustis’ high frequency, high performance XBAW™ process and filters for 2020 has been notable, having entered production in multiple markets in calendar 2020, including 5G mobile devices, 5G network infrastructure, high-band WiFi and phased-array radar applications.