A10156 5.6 GHz WiFi 6E Coexistence BAW Filter

Akoustis’ A10156 is a high-performance, ultra-wide bandwidth BAW RF Filter for use in WiFi 6E applications covering U-NII-1 thru U-NII-4 bands. A10156 utilizes Akoustis’ patented, XBAW™ technology which provides leading RF filter performance. This BAW RF filter provides low insertion loss and meets the stringent rejection requirements enabling coexistence with U-NII-5 thru 8. This device exhibits high-power handling capabilities necessary for demanding power requirements of the latest WiFi 6E standards. A10156 is a fully integrated, 50Ω module using standard laminate packaging and is compatible with high volume, lead-free SMT soldering processes.


  • Small form factor 3.5mm x 3.5mm x 1.41mm
  • Single-ended Tx/Rx ports.
  • Ultra-wide passband covering 725MHz
  • High rejection enables coexistence with adjacent WiFi UNII bands
  • High power rating, maximum +28dBm
  • Low insertion loss bandpass filter
  • Performance over -40 C to +85C
  • RoHS compliant, Pb-free package


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