by kesinhart|April 12, 2023

The Power of Partnership: Why Akoustis Chose to Acquire GDSI and What It Means for Our Future

At the beginning of Calendar Year 2023, Akoustis, Inc. announced the completion of GDSI, a US-based, trusted supplier of premium semiconductor back-end supply chain services.

Grinding & Dicing Services Inc. (“GDSI”) is widely regarded as the premier back-end service provider to the Semiconductor and life science industries, delivering critical wafer processing steps post-fabrication. Their tagline is “Consider us an extension of your lab or fab.” GDSI has been supporting academia, national labs, the defense industrial base, and commercial markets for 30+ years. GDSI’s ISO, ITAR, and trusted accreditations allow them to support complex applications such as MEMS, power management, medical devices, automotive, and RF. GDSI’s primary services include the following:


  • Wafer Dicing: GDSI offers an array of dicing options including traditional mechanical dicing, diamond scribe & break, and the Stealth dicing process®. GDSI helps the customer identify an effective dicing strategy, striking a balance between cost and quality as they transition from proto to production mode. Capable of handling up to 300mm format.
  • Fully Automatic Wafer Grinding or “Back Grinding”: Precise removal of excess material, ensuring accurate final wafer thickness and flatness. Ideally suited for bonded SOI wafers, ultrathin wafers, and vertically integrated wafer designs (TSV’s). Capable of handling up to 300mm format.
  • Wafer Polishing: Their chemical mechanical polish delivers a mirror finish, suitable for downstream applications demanding a highly clean and planar surface. The polishing process eliminates sub-surface damage created by mechanical grinding, increasing die strength and helping customers meet stringent device packaging specifications. Capable of up to 200mm format.
  • Auto and Manual Die Sort or “Pick and Place”: Fragile devices need to be extracted from dicing tape without harming the part. Pick and place is a crucial process in the overall flow where dies or chips are transferred from one substrate to another, ensuring trace between the wafer and the final placement location. GDSI offers pick to Gel Pak, waffle pack, tape & reel. Die flip service available.

Akoustis’ acquisition of Grinding & Dicing Services Inc. (GDSI) brings advantages to both companies. Here are a few benefits of the acquisition:


  • Increased Capabilities/ Expand Manufacturing Capabilities: GDSI’s expertise in wafer thinning and dicing complements Akoustis’ existing capabilities in RF filter design and manufacturing, allowing the company to offer a more complete solution to its customers. With GDSI’s manufacturing capabilities, Akoustis will be able to reduce its time-to-market for new products and improve its production efficiency, ultimately leading to increased revenue and profitability.
  • New Sales Channels:  GDSI serves a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, and medical devices. This presents an opportunity for Akoustis to expand its customer base and increase its market share in these industries, creating new revenue streams for the company.
  • Vertical Integration: The acquisition of GDSI provides Akoustis with vertical integration, allowing Akoustis to better control its supply chain and reduce its dependence on third-party vendors. This will help the company to better manage its costs and ensure that it can meet its customers’ needs on time and budget.
  • Increased Brand Recognition: The acquisition of GDSI will give Akoustis access to GDSI’s existing customer base and reputation for high-quality services. This can help to increase brand recognition and reputation in the industry.
  • CHIPS Act: Acquiring GDSI will help leverage the CHIPS Act of 2022 to create more jobs, re-shore packaging, and scale-up backend competencies in the United States.

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