by Akoustis|August 4, 2021

WiFi 6 Brings Never Before Seen WiFi Performance

Most technological advancements in WiFi go unnoticed by the lay consumer user. With the advent of WiFi 6, this is about to change. Launched in 2013, WiFi 5 is now close to a decade old. It also runs on essentially the same architecture used for WiFi 4 (2007), adding to the need for an overhaul.

WiFi 6 offers up to 4x greater capacity, up to 75% lower latency, and speeds approaching a 40% boost.

The End of Compromises in Wireless Connectivity

The architectural changes and improvements in capabilities solve a number of the connectivity issues both residential and enterprise users are accustomed to managing.

Putting up with choppy conference calls, lowering video quality to speed buffering, and coordinating downloads to protect bandwidth will all be workarounds of the past.

Forward-Thinking Applications

WiFi 6 isn’t just about making current applications and technologies work better. This is an advancement that will open up new, yet-to-be-discovered possibilities in the wireless communications landscape. WiFi 6 will drive new innovations that will change the way people work and live, including but not limited to the interconnectivity of IoT in the home.

Akoustis’ Catalog of RF Filters for WiFi 6

Akoustis currently offers 4 small form ultra-wide bandwidth BAW filters ranging from 5.2 GHz to 5.6 GHz. Our full product line features high-power handling to meet the demanding power requirements of the latest WiFi 6 standards.