Project Description

  • Introducing XBAW™ Technology

    XBAWTM is a patented single-crystal AlN technology optimized to address the most stringent frequency selectivity requirements with superior resonator characteristics ideally suited for frequencies greater than 3GHz.

    Demonstrated differentiated 2-6GHz filter performance by leveraging proprietary MEMS-based process flow on a 6” Si-substrate (scalable to 8”) with unique wafer process and flexible with respect to piezo material synthesis/ composition. This process is compatible with chip, wire-bond , wafer-level packaging (WLP) and allows design-of-experiments (DOE) to explore piezo quality influence on RF filter performance.

  • Introducing XBAW™ Technology

    Advantages of Single Crystal AlN vs. Poly Crystal AlN

    • Acoustic properties maintained over wide thickness range enabling high frequency applications
      • Consistently low rocking curve FWHM
      • Consistently high sound velocity measured
    • Enhanced crystal quality drives 40x narrower XRD FWHM (0.028º vs. 1.26º)
    • Single crystal AlN provides enhanced piezoelectric properties (d33,e33)
    • Demonstrated power handling > 10W @ 3.7GHz
  • Introducing XBAW™ Technology

    Enhanced material properties of Single crystal AlN with better FOM (k2 * Q) enables differentiated filter performance at frequencies > 3GHz

    • Higher Q-factor makes filter skirts steeper reducing need for lower TCF
    • Higher k2 enables larger bandwidth
    • High acoustic velocity & thermal conductivity enabling higher power handling

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