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BAW Device Engineer

Huntersville, NC

Position: BAW Device Engineer
Location: Huntersville, NC
Position Type: Full-Time


Highly motivated individual with experience in RF piezoelectric MEMS resonators or closely related devices. Experience in wafer fabrication process of RF piezoelectric MEMS resonator/filter is desired with a background in bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonator technology development.


Akoustis creates challenging new technology using III-Nitrides to develop BAW resonator-based filter products for a wide spectrum of applications. Knowledge of piezoelectric acoustic resonators, electrical engineering, and BAW resonator technology and metrics is essential. A background in wafer fabrication processes either in MEMS or RF devices is desired. The ability to understand BAW fabrication process in rapid fashion is also desired as this position will work closely with the process engineering and wafer manufacturing teams. In a startup environment, flexibility is expected along with the skill and willingness to engage in a breadth of technical areas. Job responsibilities include:

Define and assist in BAW thickness control processes (deposition, etch, and trim) for accurate device frequencies.
Define and assist in monitoring process and device metrics to validate processed wafer quality.
Work with manufacturing team to translate the impact of FAB processes to resonator and filter metrics.
Evaluate device experiments via statistical analysis of measured and modeled data.
Support mask generation and layout


  • MS degree or PhD in EE, physics, or related fields
  • 1-5 year’s semiconductor device experience, ideally in AlN BAW/MEMS technology
  • Process experience, academic or industry is preferred
  • Strong background in RF BAW resonator physics and technology development
  • Understanding of statistical analysis of characterization and modeling data for evaluation of DoE
  • Strong background in RF circuits and electromagnetics
  • Understanding of equivalent device circuit models to support IC designs.

Akoustis was founded in 2014 by Jeffrey B. Shealy, Steven P. Denbaars and Richard T. Ogawa. The Company’s mission is to design and manufacture its patented XBAW™ acoustic wave RF filter technology using its high-performance piezoelectric materials combined with unique silicon MEMS wafer manufacturing.

The Company’s RF Filters address critical spectrum selectivity requirements for devices where signals must coexist to enable high speed operation. Such applications include 5G mobile smartphones, WiFi routers, 5G base station small cells and military radars.

The Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) filter market is rapidly expanding from $3.7B today to over $5.4B by 2021, driven by growth in 5G and the number of filters required per device. BAW filters have evolved as the key differentiator in the RF Front End, as they are critical to enabling connectivity to the Internet.

The Company operates a vertically-integrated design and manufacturing (IDM) business model, which offers turn-key RF filter engineering, shortest time-to-market and lowest supplier risk to its customers. The Company sells its product through direct sales, manufacturer representatives and through international distribution channels. The Company is headquartered in Huntersville, North Carolina with consolidated manufacturing operations in Canandaigua, New York.