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Senior Design Engineer

Huntersville, NC

Position: Senior Design Engineer
Location: Huntersville, NC
Position Type: Full-Time


The Senior Design Engineer position entails all aspects of the design and development of state-of-the-art bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filters, duplexers and multiplexers used in Mobile, Infrastructure and Mil-com technologies. In this role, you will apply advanced theoretical knowledge of electrical engineering principles and concepts, as well as experience with BAW filters and radio frequency, to perform the duties of the position. The design responsibilities involve product definition, feasibility, computer simulation using commercial and custom tools, design for manufacturability, layout, trouble shooting and test characterization. The successful candidate will be a proven BAW designer with filter and/or duplexer designs in the field.


  • Design of novel RF BAW filters in the range of 1GHz-7GHz for mobile and other wireless applications such as LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi and military systems
  • Perform acoustic, thermal and EM simulations using advanced modeling techniques including lumped model and complete 3D EM simulations with commercial as well as proprietary software tools
  • Break down and solve complex interdisciplinary problems
  • Perform device characterization and data analysis
  • Document work updates and present results to peer designers, product engineers and marketing managers


  • Minimum MSEE or higher degree
  • PhD or MSEE 2+ yrs BAW filter/duplexer design and modeling experience
  • Knowledge of RF and microwave design techniques
  • Expertise in various RF and EM simulation tools such as AWR, HFSS, ADS
  • Understanding of semiconductor, thin film and MEMS device physics and fabrication processes
  • Knowledge of a high-level, general purpose programming language like, e.g., Python is a plus
  • Hands-on experience with RF measurement equipment and techniques and characterization of RF components
  • Excellent written, oral and interpersonal skills
  • Operate independently with minimal supervision

Akoustis was founded in 2014 by Jeffrey B. Shealy, Steven P. Denbaars and Richard T. Ogawa. The Company’s mission is to design and manufacture its patented XBAW™ acoustic wave RF filter technology using its high-performance piezoelectric materials combined with unique silicon MEMS wafer manufacturing.

The Company’s RF Filters address critical spectrum selectivity requirements for devices where signals must coexist to enable high speed operation. Such applications include 5G mobile smartphones, WiFi routers, 5G base station small cells and military radars.

The Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) filter market is rapidly expanding from $3.7B today to over $5.4B by 2021, driven by growth in 5G and the number of filters required per device. BAW filters have evolved as the key differentiator in the RF Front End, as they are critical to enabling connectivity to the Internet.

The Company operates a vertically-integrated design and manufacturing (IDM) business model, which offers turn-key RF filter engineering, shortest time-to-market and lowest supplier risk to its customers. The Company sells its product through direct sales, manufacturer representatives and through international distribution channels. The Company is headquartered in Huntersville, North Carolina with consolidated manufacturing operations in Canandaigua, New York.